The folks at SOMOS Design and Landscaping love to be outside. Austin is a town that happens outdoors; our trails, our lakes, our open-air venues, our outdoor festivals - there’s nothing stuffy about it. 

SOMOS makes Austin's outdoor spaces more inspired, more accessible, and more relaxing.  It’s fun to be in a SOMOS yard where you can touch an unusual fountain, see a really beautiful plant that you've never seen before, and sit around a fire pit until the night lights come up.  

This group of designers and craftspeople love what they do and most of them have been working together for more than a decade. Carlos Martinez runs the steel, masonry, concrete, and planting crews while his wife, Becca Cely, the Lead Designer, runs the Design Department. 

SOMOS uses water wise gardens, all organic products, and sustainable, low impact methods. SOMOS spaces ease the strain of urban density on the environment, so we can fit more happy people in less central Austin space.

SOMOS tips for becoming ONE with your interactive yard:

  • fire pit; creates a social focal point for any gathering
  • seating areas; all yards, commercial or municipal spaces need a place to rest or for people to gather
  • water feature; the sound buffers city noise and cools the environment in summer
  • edible plants and fruit bearing trees
  • games; bocce ball and washer courts are great xeriscape features as well as a place to move the party to after dinner
  • outdoor lighting fixtures; create outdoor rooms after hours
  • screened spaces with misters; keep bugs out for an escape in your yard during summer months
  • a hammock; a nap outside is the best kind
  • specimen plant: fall in love with a spell-binding plant that changes its personality season after season
  • outdoor cooking areas; bbq, sinks, pizza oven
  • dining table
  • shade structures; even add a green roof to gain some more garden