Spring CUT-BACK is important to the success of your garden this year

MARCH 2013

Plants that need dead foliage and branches cut back before significant new growth occurs:

            -cut back all grasses to 3"-6" high: gulfcoast muhly grass, maiden grass, mexican wire grass, weeping love grass, bamboo muhly grass, big muhly grass, etc.

            -fall aster

            -wooley stemodia

            -silver pony foot


            -hoja santa

            -bush morning glory

            -gregg’s mist flower

            -prairie verbena

            -butterfly weed

            -big muhly grass


            -mexican fire bush

            -coral bean


            -yellow bells


            -blackfoot daisy


            -purple heart

Prune as needed, for shape, either in early spring or early fall growing seasons:

            -twisted myrtle

            -pink skullcap



            -yucca rostrata

            -spinless prickley pear

            -evergreen sumac


            -butterfly bush



            -lady slipper


            -wooly butterfly bush

            -flame acanthis

            -winter honeysuckle


Trees should be uplimbed as they grow.

            -desert museum tree


            -anacacho orchid


            -desert willow

            -eve’s necklace

            -kidney wood

            -mexican olive (can also be maintained as a shrub)