Early spring: COMPOST and FERTILIZER

MARCH 2013

LAWN: Spread and rake in a quarter inch or half inch or so of organic compost on top of sod once each spring; the results are impressive throughout the year. You'll notice that your lawn is significantly more lush and green.

GARDEN: Depending on your garden and the specific needs of your plants, spread and rake in a half inch to one inch or so of organic compost onto your garden soil every other year. 

Every year, we advise a slow release, low nitrogen, fertilizer, depending on your garden. Call SOMOS or your local garden center for other amendments appropriate for your plants.

Top with mulch or other top dressing.

You can use compost tea instead of compost - it can be easier to apply over mulch or top-dressing but you'll need to apply it three times a year as a substitute. 

Early spring is a great time for foliar feeding, too; early morning or early evening, spray plants (especially bamboo, grasses, lawn etc.) with foliar fertilizers. Call SOMOS or your local garden center to get specific suggestions for your garden.