expand your home.  love your yard.

The decision to hire a landscape designer and builder involves a lot of trust.  You want someone who instinctively knows how to complete your home.  Someone who can take the elements already in place, and add to them to create something you couldn’t have imagined yourself.  Someone who can see a blank slate and fill it with a wholly designed architecture that is perfectly, thoughtfully natural.  Yep. That’s what we do.


Design is a two-part process. First is consultation. We meet at your site and talk about what you like, what you want to see, what you want to hide. Then we’ll get technical and look at drainage and microclimates within your outdoor space. We’ll talk about hardscape solutions and types of plants you love and those we should not even consider. You’ll get a design time cost estimate or maintenance bid and proposal after your meeting.

Then we design.

(imagine the possibilities, take some measurements, this takes some time)

Let’s meet to go over your design packet. This will include your site plan, recommended planting selections with specimen photos and names of plants, detailed construction documents if needed, materials samples and pages of three-dimensional perspective illustrations of your proposed design. We love this part.


With almost a decade of experience working together with outdoor materials, the SOMOS in-house team includes stonemasons, plant geniuses, drainage specialists, steel fabricators and outdoor lighting experts. We’ll pull the talent we need to transform the designs you love into the reality where you’ll live!  

Our environments include native plantings, vegetable gardens, drought tolerant xeriscaping, urban meadows, water collection systems, composting methods, urban homesteading, sustainable construction practices, green roofs, and smart water usage - all to create low maintenance spaces that that work, and relax, with you.

We use all organic products and methods so that you can feel good about the home you're creating outdoors. An onsite designer will be there to guide the process smoothly from inception to completion. We are there for you.


While we strive to create spaces that can practically maintain themselves, there is always a bit of extra care that can make a big difference. We can schedule maintenance visits throughout the year to do just that. For example in winter, we might cut back dormant plants, add winter veggies to the garden, plant trees, and clean and repair any hardscape. Spring might mean pruning for growth, fertilizing, top dressing to protect plants from rising temps and an irrigation check-up.

Want to do it yourself? We can give you a to-do list.


You’ll find that neighbors walk a little slower in front of your place. You feel happy when you walk outside. All is right with your space. We have done our job.